Sam and Andy !!Awesome Fan Made Video

Excited for Thursday! Just came across this video. Totally loved it. I actually really liked the song. (For any fans of The Voice it was sang by the 2 sisters on Cee Lo's Team)

Rookie Blue Season 2 X 11 PROMO

Seriously I cant wait for this episode.. Looks to be what we have been waiting for.. Is it Thursday yet???

Rookie Blue: 2x10- Best Laid Plans - ABC- Promo

This is the episode we have all been waiting for tons of McSwarek.. Can't Wait!!

Season 2 Episode 9 Brotherhood Recap

Well if I am being completly honest I must say that tonight's episode was not my favorite. I understand that they have to show this part before they have Andy jump into a relationship with anyone but the whole horse story was not my fav. For a few minutes I was acutally scared that she was going to go out with that guy. Thank godness she said sorry but NO!! However I was very surprised by Dov and Gail.. When I original saw the clip I thought he was practicing on Gail for what he would say to this girlfriend. Guess I was wrong.. I dont see Dov and Gail together I like them both but not together. Gail belongs with Chris !! I am interested to see where they take them in the next episodes. However my biggest interest is still Andy and Sam. From next week's preview I am hoping for more McSwarek. Is next week the week we have all been waiting for ? We can hope. Overall I enjoyed the night of course how could I not.. Rookie Blue is my favorite show but I am defintely looking forward to next week. Thursday can't come soon enough. The countdown is on....